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In the world of logistics, the efficiency of each movement is a fundamental pillar for business success; in an industry where speed and precision have become essential, every well-stocked or handled item plays a decisive role in ensuring the proper flow of operations.

For example, efficient pallet management, both in the warehouse and in production, is of great importance in many sectors and industrial contexts. Many companies are faced with complex challenges in administering and handling these loading units and often also encounter delays and inefficiencies in the production process.

An effective response to these logistics needs has always been a primary goal for us at Modula; during our numerous visits to clients’ warehouses and production departments, we observed and understood the importance of providing innovative and efficient solutions, to revolutionise the management of pallets in warehouses. Hence the idea of developing alternative technologies to traditional storage systems, such as stacker cranes or AS/RS.
To fully understand the impact and potential of this idea, we asked the first client who installed the new automated vertical lift module for pallets to tell us about their experience.


How to automate pallet handling with Modula

Malagoli Aldebrando – a Modena-based carpentry company specialising in laser cutting, bending, welding and machining for various sectors such as agriculture, automotive, furniture and shipbuilding – manages on a daily basis a wide range of materials and components that require a well-structured logistics organisation. Given the significant amount of work and materials handled, the company was faced with the need to optimise the management of its pallets, to ensure an efficient and safe production flow

“Before the arrival of the Modula Pallet, we used about 80 m² of warehouse space to store pallets. To move them, however, an operator qualified to drive the forklifts and move loads within warehouses and production environments was needed.

Introducing this Modula solution – following the installation of two Modula Lifts – marked a fundamental turning point for Malagoli Aldebrando.“Thanks to this innovative machine, our company immediately reclaimed valuable floor space, optimising the use of production environments and significantly improving ergonomics and safety in the workplace”.

How to improve load storage and handling

It is clear that the introduction of the Modula Pallet at Malagoli Aldebrando has led to significant improvements in the management and handling of loads, bringing with it numerous tangible advantages for the company.

First of all, the use of the Modula Pallet has enabled the company to handle considerable numbers of pallets with extreme ease and speed.

“With an intuitive interface like the Modula copilot‘s, the process of loading and unloading materials has become efficient and safe: we currently load all the materials with a simple pallet truck, making the most of the convenience offered by the Modula Pallet. Plus, despite the size of the machine, the Modula Pallet was installed quickly and smoothly, in about three weeks (roughly five days for the Modula Lift). The technicians are genuinely very efficient and professional”.

Anotheradvantage of introducing automatic warehouses has been found in terms of the staff involved in pallet storage.

“Before installation, there were two permanent operators in the pallet area of the warehouse. These people have now been moved into production, thanks to the automation guaranteed by the Modula Pallet”.

Importance of software integration in logistics processes

The efficiency and optimisation of logistics at Malagoli Aldebrando are ensured not only by the use of Modula warehouses, but also by the integration of specialist software such as Modula WMS and Modula Cloud. These tools play a vital role in keeping track of every single activity in the warehouse and ensuring precise and effective material management.

“The Modula WMS software ensures we can monitor and manage all three of the company’s vertical warehouses, processing data relating to access, picking and depositing movements, as well as handling positions and quantities of goods. This level of traceability and control enables us to maintain an orderly and efficient workflow, minimising the risk of errors and delays. Finally, installing Modula Cloud provides us with easy access to all the information we need on vertical warehouses through a simple web interface”.

These integrated tools give operators an interactive map of Modula’s automatic warehouses, to decide which information to show and to provide further flexibility and control over logistics operations.

The implementation of Modula products and the integration of specialist software have radically transformed logistics management at Malagoli Aldebrando, demonstrating the tangible value of an innovative, cutting-edge solution. Thanks to Modula solutions, the company has made significant improvements to operational efficiency, workplace safety and workflow control.

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