Easy product inspection

The robot can bring products up close for easy inspection prior to purchase

Unique cell

Each product has a unique cell

Two ways of loading products

The operator can open the door, go inside the machine, close the door and safely load all the products or loading can be done from the small window one by one. The robot will deliver each product to its case.

Extremely secure

Thicker walls, secure door lock and metallic blinds on the window


This store is movable. If the retail space you have chosen isn’t working for you – you can move the machine into a new space.

Huge touchscreen monitor

This feature allows you to show the highest quality images of your products, attracting passersby and increasing your sales.

Our Loyalty Program

Our loyalty program can print a receipt with a QR Code for your clients, which they can then use at each subsequent purchase to receive a small discount. This means more returning customers for your business.

Reliable robotics

We use the highest quality German components. This allows you to not worry about maintenance, and gives your machine a long service life.

Wide Window Display

Window display as wide as a regular store. This feature allows you to display your products in full.


  • Dimensions: 3090mmx2221mmx1380mm (WxHXD)
  • Weight: 550 kg
  • Usage: 1.3-2Kw, 10A, 230VAC, 50-60Hz, with grounding
  • Communication Interface: WiFi, SMS, TCP/IP, USB Modem


  • 560 unique cells (Cell size – 100x100x60mm)
  • Maximum product size 95x95x50mm
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